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CE RoSH 25W Monocrystalline PV module

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Product Description:

Model NO:CN-DC02, P25W

Electrical charcteristics

Maximum power:25W

Power tolerance:±3%

Optimum operation voltage:16.5Vm(V)

Optimum operation current:1.516m(A)

Open circuit voltage:21.6Voc(V)

Short circuit current:1.67sc(A)

Maximum system voltage:900(VDC)

Cell efficiency:14.4%

Module efficiency:10.98%

Cell Qty,type,arrangement: 36pcs mono crystalline cell(4*9)

Cell size: 156*31.5mm

Bypass diade:2pcs

Temp. coefficient power:-0.45(%/°C)

Temp. coefficient Voc:0.05(%/°C)

Temp. coeffieient Isc:-0.35(%/°C)

Nominal Operating cell temp.:47±2°C

Standard test condition:1000Wsq.m,25°C,AM1.5

Mechanical characteristics:


Junction box: V/IV


Glass:High transmission of light, low iron, tempred glass

Packing means:


Ctn box size:690*165*370mm

Absolute maximum ratings:

Dielectric isolation voltage:2000MAX(VDC)

Operating temperature:-40--+85°C

Strorage temperature:-40--+85°C

Maximum wind resistance:60(m/s)

Maximum hail diameter @80Km/h:25mm

Maximum load capacity:200(kg/m)

Quality guarantee:5 years guarantee, output power 90% in 10 years,80% in 25 years.


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