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300W off-grid solar system

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Product Description:

Overview of the Solar Energy Power Supply System

Our Solar Energy Power Supply System is designed and produced for the radio signal transmission site, road control system, telecom, mountainous areas and islands, forest fire prevention, power shortage areas, clean energy and family.

This system consists of solar panels, battery, controlling components, seek inverter circuit breaker parts. It’s applicable to any region as long as sun can produce energy. It can be equipped with battery energy storage, which can store electrical energy by day. Also it can be controlled by solar battery, seek inverter control with the overcharge protection function.

It will work for you ——bring convenience and benefit. My company can designed according to customer’s requirements. Produce, supply and install various specifications and types sol

300W Off-Grid Solar System CN-300W


  • Can provide electricity for6-8h/day
  • Can guarantee that two consecutive rainy days of normal power supply.
  • Solar modules for peak power: 300 Wp.
  • The output voltage to: 220 VAC +10% (Or 115VAC +10%)
  • Max Peak Power in one days (6-8 Hours) 1800-2400W
  • The maximum power load for the system: 240 W.
  • Protection: Battery Charger Protection, Battery Low Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Thermal Protection, Fault Indication Function

300W solar system can power the following

  • 8 Energy Saver Bulbs
  • 1 Radio or CD/DVD player
  • 1 Small Refrigerator
  • 1 Laptop
  • 1 fan
  • 1 20" Colour TV

Major Components:

  • 3PCS* Solar Modules 100w 17.2V 5.81A Polycrystalline(Monocrystalline)
  • 1SET* Solar Charger Controller 12V/24V 15Amps
  • 1SET* Solar Inverter Modified Sine Wave 12V 300W
  • 4SET* Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance-free 12V 100AH
  • 1SET* Cable, Connector
  • 1SET* Mounting


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