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800W solar PV system/ PV module

Product Category: Off-grid
  • Contact Person: Nancy Zhu
  • Tel: (86)-755-28175136
  • Fax: (86)-755-28175112
  • Email:

Product Description:

System configuration:

Electric device Model Power consumption QTY H/Day Power/day
Light Energy saving lamp 11W 6h 4 264wh
PC LCD display 100W 1h 5 500wh
Printer Ink-jet 30W 1h 1 30wh
Fax machine Ink-jet 150W 1h 1 150wh
Refrigerator 150L 100W 1h 24 800wh
Washing machine / 300W 1h 0.5 150wh
Microwave oven(optional) / 1000W 1h 0.5 500wh
Satellite receiver/VCD / 25W 1h 6 150wh
Color TV 21 inch 70W 1h 6 420wh
Water pump / 200W 1 0.5 100wh
Total / 2000W / / 2264wh

System configuration:

  • PV module:800wp;
  • Maintenance-free battery:400AH-24V
  • Inverter:2000w
  • Charge controller:30A
  • Installion:to door install/supply drawing
  • Works for 3 constantly cloudy days
  • Please choose only beween referator and office equipment
  • Choose one only between microwave oven and office equipment, both of them could works at the same by 1000wp PV module


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