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Solar Pest Killer

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Product Description:

Solar Pest Killer

Solar Intelligent Pest Killer

It is remarkably original and forceful to kill pests with ultraviolet rays rather than pesticide.

The world – shaking patent product, “ Miaohaha ” brand TMC series intelligent solar pest killer, has been developed successfully by our company for protecting the ecological environment. Because people use a large amount of harmful pesticide, the ecological balance has been misadjusted seriously, the natural environment has been destroyed seriously, and the human survival conditions have been threatened seriously. This product is a kind of high – efficient, energy saving, safe, economical and convenient tool for killing pests.

Operation principle: it can produce the photoelectric effect when the sunlight irradiates on the solar panel, storing in MM storage cells through control circuit. When night is coming, the solar panel will start the trapping lamp under the photoelectric effect. Installing the medical pool under the light, the bulb is 30 cm from the water surface of medical pool, forming the reflected light surface. The light can attract the insects to go down the reflected light surface to die. After six hours, the activities of pests will be reduced and the beneficial insects begin to act, the light goes out automatically. It is not only kill pests but also protect the natural enemy of the pests, maintaining the balance of biological chain and forming “ 1+1 ” pest killing method with “ physical pest killing ” and “ biological pest killing ”

Intelligent Solar Pest Killer Using value: ( production increasing, benefit increasing, income increasing, money saving, labor saving, non – pollution )

  • 1. It can kill the pests and reduce the use amount of pesticide throughout the year. If install a machine on the farmland, you needn’t worry about to kill pests throughout the year. The machine mainly traps and kills the female pest which can stop to reproduce, killing one pest equal to killing hundreds. It can reduce 80% of the pesticide amount after the machine is used for one year.
  • 2. It can be used in many regions and for various crops. It can be used in various regions in the world, best for tropical zone and subtropical zone; and can be used for all kinds of plants such as crops, woods and flowers.
  • 3. It has wide range in trapping and killing, and long use life. Every machine can control the area of 10 – 20 mu, with 7 – 10 years useful life.
  • 4. It can reduce the pollution caused by pesticide and improve the crops’ quality. The machine kill the pest with the newest physical pest killing technology rather than chemical ( pesticide ) pest killing, so it can boost the output, improve the quality of crops, make the agricultural products more valuable, increase the income of farmers and protect the health of the people.
  • 5. It is economical, practical, and can lighten the burden for the people. It can save the labors of spraying pesticide, extending circuits and maintaining machines, reduce the pesticide purchase ( reducing 70% ), the electricity used for machine and the expenses for extending circuits, and avoid suffering from the “ second pollution ” caused by pesticide.

Characteristic of the product (original technology, unique patent, special function )

  • 1. Save the energy due to generating electricity by solar.
  • 2. Protect the environment due to substituting pesticide.
  • 3. With exclusive light – wave resonant vibration, it can kill various pests.
  • 4. Protect the natural enemy of the pest, maintain the ecological balance.
  • 5. Full – automatic, needn’t to be maintained.
  • 6. Convenient installation, safe using.
  • 7. Stable performances and reliable quality. Durable, strong anti – wind performance.

Applicable crops: peanut, melon, vegetables planted with support, as well as cotton, fruit garden and woods etc. in green house.

Use effect and economic benefits comparison table between TMC solar pest killer and pesticide

Category of plants 1 mu 1 mu Total economic benefits
Pesticide Killer Cost reduced in pest killing Value increased in agricultural products
Cost Rate of pest killing Cost Rate of pest killing
Vegetable plot RMB 50 40% RMB 6.7 85% 43% 15% RMB 118
Cotton field RMB 70 50% RMB 7.3 85% 62% 9% RMB 111
Fruit garden RMB 70 40% RMB 11 80% 59% 20% RMB 259

Every pest killer can control 10 – 20 mu, with useful life of 7 – 10 years. The statistics shows that the cost of using TMC intelligent pest killer can be 70% less than that of using pesticide.

Cyclic graph of pest

“ Miaohaha ” TMC series intelligent solar pest killer traps and kills the pest through cutting off pest’s reproduction chain utilizing the phototaxis of moth. The female moth is parent of the next generation ( each moth can oviposit 200 – 800 eggs ). To kill the female moth can result in the effect as killing one pest equal to killing hundreds. It can make the farmland break away from pesticide that uses the killer cooperating with the natural enemy of the pests.

It can kill 60% of the first generation target pests by using “ Miaohaha ” TMC intelligent solar pest killer, and can control the damage caused by pests within the economic cost range of the farmland to the fifth generation pest. When the quantity of the first and the second generation pests are large, the killer can be used assisting with pesticide; when the quantity of the pests is reduced to 15%, the killer can be used alone.

Awards and motive force

“ Progress Award ” of the Fourth National Science and Technology Excellent Achievements The Firs Prize of the Fourth National Patent Technology Outstanding Invention Award

AA Credit Enterprise of Hainan Province Demonstration Company for Brand Establishing

The Excellent Exhibition Award of Xi’an Yangling Agricultural High – tech ConferenceM

Utility Model Patent Certificate ( issued by State Intelligent Property Office)

Utility Model Patent Certificate

International Patent Certificate

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