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DIY solar battery charger


 In the peak period of electric power using in summer, Sudden power failure is very often a matter.But if you can prepare a solar charger at home, using the strong sunlight in summer, you can continue to enjoy their favorite evening TV show, even if the power outage.

We need the material is very simple:
1:Some bamboo;
2:A 5-watt, 12 volt solar battery.
3:A single plug.
4:A DC solar battery charge controller.
5:A 12-volt, 12 mA rechargeable batteries.
6:A 1.2 m long, 1.8 cm thick wire.
7:Signal synchronization output circuit breakers.
8:DC Meter.
9:Power connector.
10:Y-shaped cigarette lighter connector.
Build a hut.
To find some environmentally friendly materials and renewable bamboo, using special glue to stick them together with wood, make a slant small house model. Remember to leave some holes to wear a wire and nail in the box at the top of two strips of wood used to secure Solar Panel .
Fixed solar battery.
 It fixed the battery to the wooden bar, remember that the battery and leave the distance between the cabin top. Because Solar Power Systems absorb solar energy in the process may have a fever, this gap can help heat the battery, thereby extending battery life.

Put on line

We need to cut the cigarette lighter plug, will be ready to receive good individual plug one end of the Y-shaped connector on the other end into a 12-volt rechargeable battery output. The rechargeable batteries and solar cells have received a tributary of the four wires of the charger controller input terminal, the electric meter on the controller is also connected to the power measurement panels. If you wants to receive more power, you can add an extra Monocrystalline Solar Panel and rechargeable batteries, but I remember are not over 12volts.

Connect the battery

Before Connect the battery, use the power meter to test all the circuits are open. And then connect the red line and signal synchronization output circuit breakers, connected to the battery positive, the black wire connects to the battery's negative terminal. The log cabin moved to the sun the earth, ready to receive the gift of our natural energy of the sun.

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