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LED lighting industry will drive the solar industry to promote

China "12 Five Year Plan" launched to promote LED Light related energy industry driven by policy.In addition to LED-related industrial chain, there are high-wattage LED lights,Solar Light and it's electrical storage batteries, wind and Solar Power Systems.Gao Zhiyong ,the Executive Secretary of  Taiwan Battery Association International and cross-strait cooperation promotion group,pointed out that ,To achieve "12 Five Year Plan" LED lighting's goals, but also with the simultaneous establishment of a grid system, including portable solar cells, and high-wattage power lithium storage batteries, LED lights also need the power supply system with On-Grid Solar Power System during the day, with wind power in night.Therefore,under the carbon reduction targets,establishment of LED lighting and related power supply system, electricity storage systems,will be able to accelerate cross-strait co-operation manufacturers and Development after the two sides in the forum to reach a consensus standard.
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