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How to Choose LED lamp in the chaos market

Now LED Lights can be regarded as one of essential  home improvement lighting ,we shoule notice 6 elements when we buy LED lights.
Because of low production requirements,Many factories and workshops has the LED lights project with Mixed quality.
Here we talk about how to identify the quality of  LED Tube is good or bad with the eyes .
1, See the solder pads. Regular LED lights manufacturers to produce the LED lights is using SMT technology, solder paste and reflow soldering production.
2, FPC quality. FPC sub-rolled copper and copper,Copper is protruding.Look it from the pad and the connection of FPC seen.
The rolled copper and FPC is closely connected as one, and can bend and will not appear any pad off phenomenon.
3, The surface cleanliness of the LED light.If using the SMT technology to product LED lamps, surface cleanliness is very good, will not see any impurities and dirt.However, if the hand-welding production of the cottage version LED lights,No matter how clean the surface,There will be residual traces of the stain and cleaning,While the surface of the FPC will be flux residue and solder residue.
4, The packaging.Regular LED lights will use anti-static coil plate packaging,then sealed Anti-static moisture-proof bag .
5, The label. above LED lights with regular bags and roll trays will have a printed label, instead of printing labels.
6, The Annex. Regular LED lights will be attached inside the box with instructions and lamp specifications, and will be equipped with connectors or deck; and cottage version of the LED Bulb inside the box with no these accessories, because Some manufacturers,could save the cost.
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