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The solar light Manufacturing process and composition principles

LED Street Light consists of the following components: solar cells, batteries, invert controller, light controller and timer, light or LED Light.
Solar street light is an automatic control system, it just need simply set the operating mode adn it will automatically controlled.It is generally divided into three control modes: light-controlled On, light control turn off; timing control on and timing control off;
we generally selected the Light-controlled start, timing control Turn off model, this model works when then sun light low enough to start the light sensor control  while the timing started.when the set time ,the timer  stop working.
The battery of the solar system has two functions: First, charge the battery during the day; Second, do as the light-control sensors, using the RC component to  charge and discharge.We generally use 18 watt or 36 watt low voltage sodium lamp as light source, because the highest optical efficiency in the light.
 Solar street light using High-efficiency monocrystalline Solar Light(Polycrystalline Solar Panel) silicon solar cells,Maintenance-free sealed battery for energy storage,with energy efficient lighting. And using advanced charging and discharging and lighting control circuit.With reliable quality, high luminous efficiency, brightness, easy installation, no need to lay cable wires, no exchange of electricity,DC power supply, light-sensitive control, safe, reliable, energy conservation, economic, environmental, practical, long life,is the future direction of the Outdoor lighting development and a rookie of the lighting .
Technical parameters:
Flash Intensity: ≥ 10cd
Flash frequency: 30 ~ 60 times / minute
Power consumption: 2W
Effective line of sight: 10km
Flash lamp life: 4X107 ~ 108 times
Battery Capacity: 6V/20AH
Solar Panel: 12W/8.7V
Ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C
Dimensions: 415 × 390 × 400 (mm)
Weight: 10 kg
Rainy days of continuous working time: 15 days
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